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method of work – COSTS AND FEES


The firm co-operates on a permanent basis with the law firm LSCM & Associés, sharing its offices in Aix-en-Provence (see contact page). It also works with an excellent business law firms in Paris and with various other law firms in France, the Netherlands and other European and non-European countries, depending on the required specialization and location.
This organizational structure enables the firm to represent clients and conduct litigation before all courts of France and the Netherlands and to have trusted representatives in other countries.


The client always has only one contact person, available directly via email or phone, without any interference. Thus, the client will be kept closely informed of all developments at all times.

Costs and fees

Before accepting any engagement, the firm will provide the client with an estimation of the expected fees and expenses, the expected time schedule or mile stones and the provisional « scenario » of the matter.

Applicable hourly rate as from 250 Euros (exclusive of VAT), depending on the complexity, subject matter, and urgency of the case.

In certain cases and if appropriate and feasible, a fixed fee instead of billing based upon hourly rates may be agreed upon.

The firm will advance the necessary costs and expenses (court costs, translation costs, travel costs, third party fees and other disbursements) and invoice these to client without additional charges or office expenses.

Invoices will be issued monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on the case, and will include a specification of services provided. The firm’s invoices will comprise all costs and expenses made on behalf of client; thus the client receives only invoices from the firm, not from any other party.

In certain cases – for instance when important costs have to be paid up-front, or an important amount of work has to be done right away – a down payment for fees and expenses  shall be requested.

Except in very urgent cases, the preceding shall be specified in more detail in a Fee Agreement to be signed by the client and the attorney, before the attorney can start any work.

As provided by articles L 616-1 and R 616-1 of the French Consumer Code, Client is hereby informed that in case of a dispute under the present Agreement, a client who is a consumer can bring the matter before the national mediator for the attorney’s profession, free of charge, in view of reaching an amicable solution:

Madame Carole Pascarel, médiateur de la consommation de la profession d’avocat

180 boulevard Haussmann, F-75008 PARIS